What is Lazaris Mill retirement village?
How big is the retirement village?
Can my friends and family use the facilities?
Is there anywhere for my friends and family to stay when they visit me?
Is Lazaris Mill age exclusive?
Is there a shop at Lazaris Mill retirement village?
Who is available at night?
Does Lazaris Mill have links with the local community?
Who manages the retirement village?


Do I own my own home?
What type of property can I buy?
Can I bring my pet?
Do I stay in control of my household bills?
Can I make improvements or changes to my house?
Will my home be looked after if I am away?
Will I be able to stay in my home as long as I choose?
Can I get domestic help or home care?
Can you help me to sell my home if I want to in the future?

About Management Fees

What is the monthly management fee?
What is included in my monthly management fee?
Will my monthly management fee ever increase?
How much do I pay?
Can I opt out of the management fees or a part of them?